Boyd rips a page out of the American songbook and charges ahead with a vision all his own...”

Born and raised in Stanton Kentucky, and residing in Irvine Kentucky,  Aaron Boyd is a singer songwriter  that writes from a place only a few with the gift of a second chance can do. Boyds songwriting serves as an honest ledger of accounts that rise from the same rich patch of earth as the minerals found deep in Appalachian soil. With his carefully crafted lyrics and timeless sound, Aaron Boyd’s sophomore album “Coming Undone”, will shake your soul to its foundations. 

Boyd began pursuing his passion for music and songwriting in earnest after his daughter was born. With new clarity and understanding of priorities, mortality and immortality, he was inspired to take seriously the gifts he no longer wanted to squander. His 2019 debut album, “Until the End” is a raw and honest account of the shadow-boxing necessary in one’s journey toward sobriety, when easy escape is no longer an option. through these haunting words and by facing and retrieving lost parts of himself, he becomes a healer for the rest of us 

Fast forward a few years and we hear that sobriety brings a stronger, surer voice to his second album, “Coming Undone,” as well as a glimpse of light and hope and even a little gratitude. In the second verse from his title track, “I see you from across the bar/I get lost in your smile for a little while before I head to my car/it may not seem like much but it means the world to me/sharing some words of things we’ve heard and then suddenly/ I don’t want to run from all the things in life that I’ve done.” 

“Virginia”, another single on the new album speaks of love whether it be of a special person or place and the fond memories of “those nights on the riverbank…underneath a big ole sky…Virginia, I love you/the heavens open up and shine a light on you while I’m away.” 

In “All the Good Times” the narrator is coming to acceptance and understanding of where he’s been while “The Very First Day” evokes the ethereal sounds of love eternal. “Earthly Sorrow” may be a nod to his beloved grandmother’s hymns. 

Over the past few years, Boyd has received coveted invitations to open for songwriters like John R. Miller and Arlo McKinley, Boyd has shared bills with Lost dog street band, Mike and the Moonpies, Sundy best, Morgan Wade and has also performed at regional festivals including Kickin’ It On the Creek, Festival Of The Red and Huntington music and arts festival. He has been featured on Red Barn Radio and the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.  Boyd will also be heading out on several national tours this upcoming year In support of his up and coming sophomore album—a testament to his strengths as a performer and songwriter. 

One listen and you’ll agree that Aaron Boyd is an artist on the rise.