Boyd rips a page out of the American songbook and charges ahead with a vision all his own...”

With its slow rock and steady rumble, Aaron Boyd’s debut album, "Until the End", will shake your soul to its foundations. The Stanton, Kentucky native writes from a place that only a fortunate few with the gift of a second chance can do. 

His songwriting serves as an honest ledger of accounts that rings with the thunder of a Southern rock ballad and skids along the asphalt with a dull, satisfying pain. Ever checking his rear view mirror, Boyd’s gruff Southern drawl delivers us from a world of demons into the arms of hope,
lingering ahead. 

“I think a lot of folks can relate to some of the loss and struggles I’ve written about,” Boyd says, “and maybe a few people can take something away from it.” It is a testament to Boyd’s delivery that his material translates to audiences so well.

We’ve all been there. 

Boyd is an experienced and gifted instrumentalist, drums being his first language. He spent time on the road with fellow Kentuckian Justin Wells' band, which gave him knowledge and inspiration on how he wanted his songs to take shape. Boyd’s time drumming in Wells’ band inspired his own personal approach to transforming a musical passion into a career. Beyond that, he also draws inspiration from
the music of Jason Isbell, Blaze Foley, The Steel Woods and John Prine. 

And, with all that in mind, Boyd rips a page out of the American songbook and charges ahead with a vision all his own. 

Recorded at The Sneak Attack Recording Co. in Lexington with Jason Groves at the helm, Boyd unleashes a wall of Kentucky sound that rises up from the shoulders of roots country and cloaks itself in the grind of alternative rock. 

"Until the End" embraces the collaborative spirit that defines the current Kentucky music scene. 

Not only does the recording feature an all-star band, with musicians Trenton Jenkins (The Jenkins Twins) on lead guitar,
Aaron Francis on bass, Colin Vice on cello, Josh Anglin on drums, and Boyd himself on baritone guitar; but also, a
special appearance by friend, songwriter & masterful guitarist Josh Nolan. 

Over the past two years, Boyd has received coveted invitations to open for songwriters like John R. Miller, Arlo McKinley, Short & Company and has also performed at regional festivals including Kickin’ It On the Creek andHuntington Music and Arts Festival. He has landed upcoming appearances on Red Barn Radio and Festival of the Red, and will embark on his first solo tour through the midwest this summer—a testament to
his strengths as a performer and songwriter. 

With its carefully crafted lyrics and timeless sound, "Until the End" will swallow you whole. 

Written by Anna Kline,